And here I go again.

I’m homeless.. again.

I’ve handed in my notice for the flat I’m at now and need to be out on the 1oth of june. I was supposed to find a new home with my current flatmate, however, she is now moving back home.

I have exams until the 18th -> In Monaco 19th-27th -> Croatia/Italy 1st-4th -> moving out the 9th -> starting work in Sthlm 10th -> housing in Sthlm until mid July -> and then.. I really don’t know.. I just know this is not going to be easy.  Since my family is spread all over the world, London is MY home. Not having a place to be in London makes me homeless. Life is not easy guys. However, I know I will make it somehow.. I have many times before. Although London might be the hardest city to find a living in, due to the fast market, high prices, and this summer the olympics, there’s always a solution.

Now -> focus on studies!